Safety Clinic Special

Take an Anchor Clinic, Climbing Safety Clinic, and Self-Rescue Level I, and we'll throw in the Self-Rescue Level II course for half price. Just think how much safer your climbing will be.

Anchor Clinic

Spend a day learning to set toprope, belay, and lead protection anchors including nuts, hexes, cams, tri-cams, ball nuts, and bigbros. Learn how to equalize the loads on your anchors, and how to oppose anchors to make them multi-directional. The class will also include a discussion of fixed pitons and bolt anchors, and tricks for removing stuck gear.

Part 1: history of climbing anchors, how to set good nuts, hexes, cams, tri-cams and tube chocks.
Part 2: cord and webbing, rigging anchors together to build toprope and belay anchors, equalizing and opposing anchors, managing the belay station
Part 3: students rig several anchor setups to be evaluated by the instructor

7 hours
Cost per person: $95, minimum three clients

  • Location and dates:Eldorado Canyon, Colorado, May 10
  • Fort Collins, Colorado, June 15

Climbing Safety Clinic

Learn and review all the safety techniques that will help keep you alive on the rocks and get some fun climbing in. We'll cover:

  • Awareness
  • Judgement
  • Choosing a safe route
  • Protecting yourself at the edge while rigging a top-rope
  • Good belaying
  • Belay anchor tie-ins
  • Various belay devices
  • Carabiners and quickdraws
  • Harnesses
  • Ropes
  • Helmets
  • Emergency gear
  • Safe leading
  • Fall forces
  • Double checking
  • Communication
  • Bailing off a route
  • Descending
  • Safe rappelling
  • Rappel backups
  • Knotting the rope end
  • Retrieving stuck rappel ropes
  • Clothing

6 hours
Cost per person: $85, minimum three clients
Location and dates:

  • Eldorado Canyon, May 11
  • Golden, Colorado, May 4


Self-Rescue Clinic Level I

Far too many climbers get hurt or killed due to simple errors, and few know self rescue techniques to help them escape a bad situation using standard climbing gear. Yet responsible climbing dictates being self-reliant: relying on others to rescue you puts them at risk, and sometimes no rescue is available.

Learn to:

  • Avoid many of the simple errors that cause climbing accidents.
  • Back up the rappel for increased safety, efficiency and control.
  • Climb the rope to free a stuck rappel line, or escape if you've fallen from an overhang and can't reach the rock or be lowered to the ground.
  • Improvise a belay device or rappel device if you've dropped or forgotten yours.
  • Escape the belay to assist an injured partner or go for help.
  • Haul your partner if he or she has become injured, fallen from an overhang, or simply can't follow your rad lead.
  • Use a block and tackle to unweight a jammed knot or undo a mistake when performing a self rescue.

5 hours
Cost per person: $60, minimum 6 participants
Location, date and time:

Rock'n & Jam'n Rock Gym
9499 N. Washington St, Thornton, Colorado
(303) 254-6299

Standard rock climbing harness (preferably with a belay loop)
Belay/rappel device
2-3 locking carabiners
4-5 standard carabiners
3-4 9/16-inch nylon slings
5.5- or 6-millimeter diameter by 16- to 20-foot long cordelette.

Prerequisite: Be able to tie the following knots from Knots for Climbers before arriving at the clinic: figure eight, prusik, klemheist, bachman, autoblock, munter, and munter mule.

Self-Rescue Clinic Level II

Learn to:

  • Pass a knot when hauling, lowering or rappelling.
  • Rescue an injured lead climber.
  • Perform a counter-balance rappel and spider rappel to descend with an injured partner.

6 hours
Cost per person: $85, minimum 4 participants
Bring the gear listed above for self-rescue level I
Location, date and time:

Rock'n & Jam'n Rock Gym
9499 N. Washington St, Thornton, Colorado
(303) 254-6299

Prerequisite: Self-Rescue Level I or equivalent.