Reservations, Acceptance of Risk, What to Bring

Reservation Policies

To reserve a spot in a class we need a 50% deposit. Refunds for cancellations can be given up to 30 days prior to the course (minus a 10% administrative fee). The balance will be due at the beginning of the course.

Acceptance of Risk

We will do everything reasonably possible to ensure a safe climb with all our climbing partners and clients. We want you to be part of the climbing team, too, learning, being aware of the mountain terrain, and paying attention to safety. We cannot, however, 100% guarantee a no-risk rock climbing experience. Rock climbing does have an element of risk, no matter how many safety precautions you take. The very terrain we climb in can be unstable -- falling rocks are always possible. Other climbers can drop gear, weather can go bad, the climb can have traversing sections where it's difficult to keep the following climbers perfectly safe, and many other elements can conspire to add risk. So even though we'll focus on safety, you still have assume the risk of climbing and accept responsibility for the outcome.

What to Bring

Bring a harness, belay device and locking carabiner, climbing helmet, climbing shoes, chalk bag, day pack, rain gear, sunscreen, jacking, good hiking shoes, 2 liters of water, some energy food, and a great attitude. We can provide some of this gear if you ask.